Local Places & Attractions

While you are staying with us, check out these area tourist spots:


To this day Florence is renowned all over the world not only for its masterpieces, but also for its shopping delights, gourmet cooking and great wines.


One of the main seaports in Italy and the most important container port in the Mediterranean, Livorno’s history has always been linked to its harbor and is a melting pot of languages, races and customs


Everyone in the world knows about the leaning tower built in 1173, but the ancient city of Pisa can lay claim to a number of firsts and unique characteristics.


Volterra, situated on a high plateau, offers uninterrupted views over the surrounding hills. The city is famous for its craftsmen who work the “soft marble”, the locally mined white alabaster.

Capraia Island
Classic Chianti
Elba Island
Gorgona Island
La Strada Del Vino -The Wine Road
Montelup Fiorentino
Pittigliano -The Small Jerusalem
The Tuscan Archipelago
Tuscan Iterneraries
National Church of Saint Stephen of the Knights
S. Galgano
Secret Passages Tour
The Red Bus
Wine Trail